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The Western Wealth business model was developed in 2003 by founder/owner GE Buenning.

GE recognized the common concerns many advisors share about going independent. The goal was to create the infrastructure and valued back-office support services for a connected community of advisors while maintaining ownership of their individual practices. Together with seven like-minded independent advisors, GE formed the first localized Branch structure in Colorado. LPL Financial was selected as their Broker Dealer.

This group operated by a simple rule. Doing right by advisors and their clients is good business. It’s the foundation that the company was built on that we have been perfecting ever since. We soon discovered there were many other advisors who were also drawn to this belief. Since 2003, Western Wealth has grown to include 140 advisors. WW advisors work from one of the two Branch offices, small pod offices, or in individual offices. Our Branch headquarters is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado. The greatest concentration of Western Wealth advisors is still located in the Denver Metro area, however we have grown to become a national firm with advisors in 11 states. Over time we evolved into a distinctively respected community of genuinely nice professionals who enjoy a rock-solid reputation in the financial industry.

Western Wealth is currently recognized as one of the top 10 Large Enterprises with LPL. We are the largest Branch of independent advisors in Colorado. We represent over $6 Billion in total assets under management and service more than 50,000 clients. We enjoy an elevated status as one of LPL’s top Branches.

In 2013 Western Wealth formed our own SEC Registered RIA (Registered Investment Advisory firm).

  • RIA Platform (WWM RIA)
  • Hybrid Platform (WWM RIA & LPL B/D)
  • Broker/Dealer Platform (LPL B/D & LPL RIA)

Western Wealth and GE have also enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Credit Unions across Colorado. As a result, our business expanded into the Financial Institution Services. We have strategically aligned with 14 Credit Unions and Banks where Western Wealth advisors provide investment services to members and clients. As new opportunities arise, Branch advisors interested in enhancing their current market opportunities are considered for placement in those new relationships.

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Key events that shaped Western Wealth

2003 Initial Start-Up

Seven experienced independent financial advisors located in Colorado united with the collective intention of enhancing client services while maintaining ownership of their individual practices. LPL Financial was selected as their partnering Broker Dealer. This new company was named Colorado Financial Partners.

2005 First Family-Friendly Conference

The first Branch Retreat took place in Denver with the objective to promote community and connection between Western Wealth affiliates. This event has evolved over the years and has become a highly anticipated family friendly annual function at a Colorado mountain location.

2007 Additional Offices added

A satellite Branch office opened in the Denver Tech Center to provide plug and play office space on the south side of Denver.

2008 Headquarters Change

The main Branch office was relocated to the Signature Center in Golden, doubling our office space.

2005-2012 Increased Staff Support

Support staff increased from 2 to 13. Specialized departments were created including marketing, payroll, research and reporting, transition assistance and compliance.

2013 RIA Formation

SEC Registered RIA Western Wealth Management was formed due to industry trends moving towards fiduciary services and accounts.

2015 Multi-custody

Western Wealth expanded custodial services to include Schwab and Fidelity.

2016 Headquarters Change

The main Branch office relocated to 440 Indiana Street in Golden, Colorado, taking over the entire building.


14 Credit Unions and Banks affiliate with Western Wealth.


Robust financial planning resources were added to the Branch’s arsenal of services.

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Western Wealth Core Values

Our core values define who we are, describe the characteristics we value most, and reveal the essence of our company culture. These values have emerged from the philosophy that the company was built on and remain at the heart of Western Wealth. We believe that character matters, so we use these core values to attract likeminded people who share and embrace the following values:

Help advisors solve problems quickly and easily

  • We strive to make it easy for advisors to do business.
  • We remove obstacles when possible.
  • We anticipate advisor needs.
  • We take an empathetic and compassionate approach to problem solving.
  • We take pride in timely and accurate responses.
  • We have a sincere desire to help.
  • We’ve got your back.

Seek Continuous Improvement

  • We continuously think of new and innovative ways to support advisors with valued services.
  • We always pursue better solutions and best practices.
  • We always look to implement efficiencies.
  • We are always learning and growing.

Positive Brand stewardship

  • We are all accountable for the wellbeing of the Western Wealth Brand.
  • We understand that our name and reputation are our most prized possessions.
  • We continuously work to keep our brand healthy, valuable, and growing.
  • We deliver on promises and are true to our word.

Belief in the power of teamwork

  • We respect each other and abide by the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • We are flexible and pitch in when needed.
  • We do what we say we are going to do.
  • We bring positive vibes to the workplace.
  • We support, engage and collaborate with colleagues to initiate Branch improvements.
  • We are available and reliable.
  • We leave our egos at home.
  • We actively participate in the Western Wealth community.


Providing high value services and support to Independent Financial advisors so they can focus on serving their clients.


Provide flexibility and choice in affiliation structure.